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  • The Night
  • Agnus Dei
  • Where You Are
  • Nea Allinich (Never Alone)
  • You Are Near
  • In You

Your Love Is Right



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Kerst’s reflections on St John’s gospel, his life in London and some short term travels helped him to compose the songs on ‘Your love is right’. After focussing on Zurbaran’s Agnus Dei in the Prado Museum in Madrid for two afternoons in a winter week in 2006, Kerst started working on this special project. The songs and the voice may not be faultless, but hopefully to the listener this project proves to be one of the heart: speaking love, courage and authenticity. These are songs of a love higher and more intimate, breaking through the harshness of day-to-day reality.

“Your love is right”? According to John’s writings there once was a man called Nicodemus. He chose the night to meet Jesus face-to-face, free from role pressures and expectations. From this nightly encounter some famous words regarding the deepest love for the world have been left to us. It might well have been a refrain in Nicodemus’ mind, saying: “Now I know. This must be it; this love is right…”


For the actual production Kerst found great help in Hanif Williams, a young talented and upcoming producer: “During the recording process I felt comfortably stretched all the time.” Hanif made Kerst step out, like when he asked him to play piano on several tracks. “His approach to the whole project made the end result a proper reflection of what was in my mind when these songs came into being – Hanif only made them rise beyond what I imagined them to be like at that time that I wrote them. I hope, that as a result of this, people will feel themselves invited to my piano room, as they listen to these songs.”
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