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On ‘House of my Heart’ you can enjoy what was recorded at the Metropolis in West-London as well as in an unknown local church studio... Kerst feeling himself at home and playing freely on Freddie Mercury’s Fazioli and singing his heart out in small studio rooms... Inspired by the demos which Rich Mullins left us just before his traject death in 1997, ‘House of my Heart’ is - hopefully - an album with a sound as meaningful, cohesive and intimate. Not to bring in easy answers to life’s questions, but to respond with a humility and authenticity in times of loss and insecurity; with a love that reflects responsibility and attentiveness towards the needs in our communities - nearby and far off; with a creative interest for what is unknown and worth exploring...


‘House of my Heart’ is Kerst’s latest CD project, again produced by Hanif Williams of Thumbprint Media. As with The Garden project (2010) his creativity and authenticity will add an extra dimension of quality to this project.

The songs are about the rephrasing of our foundations of love, peace and security. We can’t take those for granted any longer. You might remember the story of the Winter Queen, featured on The Garden album. She was queen of Bohemia for only one year and was forced to go into exile in The Netherlands. She lived there for decades, and she left her mark in a country which had moved into its Golden Age. As she was forced to find ways to express her identity, The Netherlands did the same. And the country benefited from the many immigrants like her who brought in their skills and life history.

The stories of the Winter Queen and of Kerst himself mirror each other in the sense of two people who set off to another country in their twenties, going on to define their identity in a foreign land.


What do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we hoped? When our levels of success and status, the roles we play, our relationships, or our health don’t fulfill our expectations. What can we still share, when there is less to be proud of? Who can we cling to when life falls apart? How can we be true to ourselves when we feel we are all played out? Are there still words to pray, voices to sing, still communities to be part of...

It can be a long and lonely road sometimes. Still we meet each other, support each other, and all the while we see among us this wide range of backgrounds, skills and histories. Our journeys can be long and lead us to the inner places of our hearts with its own traumas – and treasures. And right through the changes and the losses we face we may suddenly remember who we are deep inside: we each may find the House of our Heart. And as we find ourselves in there, we can go out again and meet the other; while we try to rebuild our own house, we may help to refurbish the heart of someone else with a new sense of peace and joy...

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Photography by Luke MacGregor | Album Design and layout by Luiza Chandy


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