For thirteen years Kerst's dog was the most beautiful dog in Kerst's world. Although he still misses Els, he loves looking after other dog friends.


To him they are like photographs, zooming into the beauty of the world; like open invitations to live joyfully and courageously in this wide Garden around us.

Photo: Luke MacGregor Photo: Luke MacGregor In the studio In the studio (The Pool) Photo: Luke MacGregor 2007 Richard with Susan in Devon Dad's garden My hometown St John in Cambridge
Dad's hawthorn
Moon rising over Blackheath Dorset woods New Year 2009, Switzerland Snowy Els, 2009 Snowy Aalsum, 2009 Snowy Greenwich, 2009 Els once more at the piano Grasmere in June Summer sunset Tenerife El Medano ('Children of the wind') Photo: Coenraad Uys

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